evolutionary trajectories of a grad student


April in Hyde Park

Flower buds peppering the ground, snow dusting the bikes.


(Photography by Elizabeth Station)

Somehow got into watching ‘The Great British Bakeoff’


*A sudden Sue Perkins crush arrives*

Right there with you, though it was the other way around.

All this BBC watching makes me want to post pictures from my Manchester excursion (2008). 

Is my radar that off?

Depeche Mode - Soft Touch / Raw Nerve

Probably the only song off their last album that resonated with me, but it did, and I’ve wanted to listen to it all day, so I’ll post it!

aww…look at the cute little Mimulus parishii

aww…look at the cute little Mimulus parishii

crying with laughter over here

Why was the March hare so important to the Aztecs?

Victoria Coren’s hilarious QI moment.

I did not realize how small the BBC world is until looking further into QI panelists.  Not only is she married to a frequent panelist (David Mitchell), but she is also Giles’s sister! 

wtf? someone tied up a cat in a bag and dumped it out of a truck on Highway 12.  poor cat!


Elsewhere, Rebecca Newman