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Various wonderings of the ?! nature…

Why does Hyde Park have so many urban sinkholes?!  It’s like all the sewers are caving in!

I still don’t understand why the internet hates selfies.  How else are people who travel and adventure alone (i.e., me) supposed to document things?

I also don’t understand all the hate around Axe products.  Okay, sure, some of them just smell weird, but some of them I like.  Maybe that’s just an oddity of being a girl who likes using certain products made for guys.  ::shrug:: 

How can someone not like bowling?! My current hypothesis is that it stems from not being okay with losing, and not being able to control outcomes.  I can go from bowling an 80 to a 150 with no good explanation, but I’m okay with that, so it’s all good.

I think today needs a good doughnut.

Martha totally should’ve won star baker during one of those weeks Richard took.  Sad to see she’s struggling a bit more now! 

It’s gotten to that point in Bake Off where I feel emotionally invested.  DAMN THE CAKES!

Song of the day, because Riotfest.

various ponderings of the day…

Is it wrong that I’m not thoroughly enjoying the Aliens franchise?  That somehow seems like a worse crime than watching it a few decades late.  Really not that into it.

I’ll never be a nerd’s nerd.

If anyone could save money while unemployed, it would be me.  In the past maybe 3-6 months, I’ve found about $5 on the street, made >$70 from online surveys, and am currently getting paid for riding my bike.  and I could probably acquire at least 3 free meals/week easily.

Why aren’t homeless people continually scouring the streets for change or eating out of peoples’ gardens?

How long should I have a mohawk?

How will I return to the west?

oh, Ziggy, where did you go?  You’ve been gone a full year now.  At least Nala is doing a good job at filling the space you left.

oh, Ziggy, where did you go?  You’ve been gone a full year now.  At least Nala is doing a good job at filling the space you left.

The universe doesn’t tell me many things, but when it does, it says:

  • I should have tips.  I find a ridiculous amount of small change, and now $1 bills, on the sidewalk.
  • I will probably die alone, a crazy cat lady.  Seriously, I’ve sent over 50 messages out to different people (dudes, no less) on OKCupid, and NO ONE is interesting in finding cool stuff to do.  If I haven’t gone on a date by the time I’m 30, I’m just going to have to start hoarding cats.


I recently made a long overdue visit to the Field Museum to see the Columbian Exposition of 1893 exhibit.

By far my favorite things on display were the animations created from historical photos from the fair.

You have until September 7th to view the collection.

Yes! The projections were amazing!



Humans have spent the last 10,000 years mastering agriculture. But a freak summer storm or bad drought can still mar many a well-planted harvest. Not anymore, says Japanese plant physiologist Shigeharu Shimamura, who has moved industrial-scale farming under the roof.

I’m curious.

Bread chromosome FTW!

Bread chromosome FTW!


Expedition Report: Susan Perkins in Saba

In this episode, Associate Curator Susan Perkins describes her long-term study of malarial parasites and their host lizards, work that draws her back again and again to Saba Island—a relatively unspoiled paradise in the Caribbean.

Dr. Perkins is a microbiologist who studies malarial parasites, symbiotic bacteria, and even RNA viruses. Her research includes multiple ways of approaching questions about these microbes, from their evolutionary histories to their genomics.

Listen to more in our Expedition Report series.

whoa…BBC Sue Perkins has a scientist counterpart on this side of the pond.  Mind blown.